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These are copies of emails sent to the site Webmaven (me!). I removed telephone numbers and other personally identifying info except cities, states and countries. I left some email addresses in but did not link them.


From John Boylan - a friend of Earl Polinsky (z''l)

I found your website and noticed that you have Earl & Ellen Polinsky of Arroyo Grande, CA. listed. I receive news last week that Earl had passed away. I was a student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. Earl was the manager of the Cal Poly Poultry Unit, a part of the Cal Poly "Farm". I lived at the unit and helped Earl with the care and upkeep of the student projects. Earl was a wonderful and kind man. He was so knowledgeable in the field of poultry production and was an inspiration to many students.

This Sunday, I am traveling over to Pismo Beach (near Arroyo Grande) to meet with other students and Earl's wife, Ellen, to celebrate Earl's life. If you wish, I will take pictures for you to post on your website.

I recall a time not long after Earl arrived at the Cal Poly Poultry Unit that he had to undergo triple by-pass heart surgery. A week later he was back to work and walking every day! His will and determination were quite admirable. He had an incredible amount of patience with the students he was charged to lead and dealt with our "college high jinks" in good spirit but with a firm hand. Earl had a keen interest in our goals and aspirations. It was pretty common to sit in his office at the end of the day and chat about things.

Earl's wife, Ellen, had the same temperament as Earl. The really complimented each other well. Ellen worked in the Disabled Student Services (DSS) office. Needing a little more spending money to cover my college expenses during my last summer at Cal Poly ('85), Ellen gave me a job me driving students to class and pick up test materials in DSS tram. It was a lot of fun! On occasion my roommates would sneak a ride to class if I was headed in their direction. Oh, what good times they were at Poly!

Linda (Polinsky) McCreight - lmccreight@aol.com

I googled myself (maiden and married names) and found your website. I was born in San Diego as Linda Polinsky and wonder if we are related. My father (Odilo - aka Tony) is from Oregon and his father, Joseph came from Minnesota. My great great grandparents Polinsky came from Czechoslovakia. Does any of that sound familiar?

Christopher Polinsky lives in Brooklyn. He writes:

Hello all, My name is Chris Polinsky and I am now live in Brooklyn, NY. I was wondering if any knew of my father or grandfather Robert Polinsky (Sr., Jr.) Feel free to send me an email at crisphotogram@hotmail.com.

This is a series of emails between Eugene, Sue, and David Zohar. It concerns Grandpa Joseph's roots in the Ukraine.

10/13/01 from David Zohar to Lauren Polinsky (forwarded to Sue):
Shalom, My late mother was Miriam (Marie) Polinsky. Her parents came from Kalerka(Mokraya Kaligorka) in Ukraine.
Does this match your family?

David Zohar
Jerusalem, Israel

10/21/01 from David Zohar:
Shalom Sue and many thanks for your email and the family tree. I tried matching it to the records my late father left me but with no success. However what is clear is that your family and mine come from the same geographical region. Many of the first names recur in both families which might indicate common ancestors, being named after them. I would therefore assume that there could be a distant relationship. May I suggest you contact my great-uncle Marvin Polinsky of Long Island , New York, who is getting a copy of this email. He may be able to shed more light on the matter.

10/21/01 from David Zohar:
Thanks for a quick reply! My uncle Marvin can be contacted in Long Island at 516-295-1953/4 or if he and his wife Marion have gone to Florida for the winter, try 561-483-3568. My father who was an encyclopedia of family history, passed away sadly in February, but I am trying to keep up his work of family research.

The Polinskys left the Ukraine at the beginning of the last century, some went to England and the USA directly. My grandparents went to Argentina under the Baron Hirsch resettlement plan but found life too hard and went to England, where I was born. In 1948 my parents immigrated to Israel and we have lived here ever since. I am today nearly 62 , married with three children, and am a senior diplomat in the Israeli Foreign Service. My wife (whose family comes from Vitebsk) is with the Ministry of Immigrany Absorption, helping Russians and Ethiopians etc find their feet here. Should you ever visit Jerusalem, give us a ring at 02-6787264.

10/2201/ from Gene Polinsky
Dear Sue,
However did you get in touch with David Zohar? His statement that his Polinskys came from the Ukraine seems to indicate a different branch of the family, although that is not necessarily true. We know practically nothing of Grandpa Joseph's siblings in Russia. That he had them was evident: it was his sister who brought Bessie out to California. I thought a brother went to Mexico but know of no other tales of brothers of sisters. He must have had a bunch of them. His father sired a whole new lot in the USA which ought to indicate previous tendencies. So, there may have been brothers, sisters in the Ukraine. But how to know? If David Zohar had the names and dates of Joseph and Moishe Baer he might be able to find consanguinity. Or not. There are more Polinskys than meets the eye. I've found at least three other non related ones. ENJOYED our time together. Love to all... Der Alte

6/04/01 From Judy W. and Carl Polinsky
my grandfather , Harry polinsky ,emigrated from Russia(Minsk) about 1900 to NYC. he stayed with relatives for a short time and moved on to Cincinnati,Ohio. I am very interested in finding relatives.he had a brother who immigrated at a later date to Argentina..please respond with any information. Carl Polinsky Hurley NY
3/26/01 From Len Polinsky
I sent a long family history to Marla Lecin re: the Louis Polinsky (My grandfather) side of the family. Thanks for the email.
Regards, Lenny
P.S. If you are Jewish, Happy Passover if not Happy Easter!!

From Patricia L. Polinsky (Klusken)

Hello, I was surfing and put may maiden name into the computer and found this site. I have 4 sisters. Would like very much to communicate with you. Thanks for you time.


Kids: Lisa Klusken, Wallace Klusken, Micheal Klusken, Mark Klusken

From Andy Polinsky
Hi from Michigan,

I have a sister Annette (Polinsky) Ochsner e-mail, a brother Michael Polinsky and me, Andrew Polinsky. Our parents and grandparents were from Scottdale, AZ, and Everson PA. Our grandparents came from the Austria-Hungary area around 1910. We all have children but no grand children YET?

Hope to hear from you . Andy

From "Lauren Polinsky"
Hi Lauren,
My relative told me to go to your web site because we have the same last name so it is kinda cool. Then I saw your name and I was like that is my name too!!!! I just though it was interesting to find someone with the same name. I am a 14 female and I live in Michigan.

Lauren (it is odd, it is like I'm writing to myself)

Ronald and Gei Polinsky
Their children are Lauren Renee, Brian Thomas, and Matthew David
Girard, OH 44420